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Episode 9 - A Cooldown New Year's Eve

For a very special New Year's Eve episode, Kamijace brings back some Guests of the Year--Hay, Marcy and Paul--to talk about 2017's best games, best game music, and the games they're looking forward to in 2018. Plus, Hay and Paul start planning for their duet cover of Persona 5 songs(maybe?)! It's a really fun, really great episode to bring in the New Year, thank you for joining us! See you in 2018!

You can find Hay on Twitter @Haybayrhiannon

You can find Paul on Twitter @Paulsrockintwit

You can find Marcy on Twitter @Shadolith

Check out Marcy getting scared of the Guardian here:

Check out Paul's meme-ing here:

You can now find the Weekly Cooldown on Twitter @WkCooldown !

Website: Patreon:

Twitter: @Kamijacegaming / @WkCooldown


Intro music by Captive Portal/Zach Brider

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