Episode 5 - Game History, Bard Actions, IGN


This week, Frank Cifaldi ( @frankcifaldi) joins Kamijace to talk about The Video Game History Foundation, and all the good that they're trying to do for gamers! Plus, Hay 'Haybay' ( @haybayrhiannon) and 'Lahn/Laoni' (https://www.twitch.tv/laoni) join me as we tackle all the week's news! From FFXIV, to Battlefront 2, to Fighting EX Layer, to more sexual assault allegations at IGN, and everything in between. Check out the Video Game History Foundation! https://gamehistory.org/ @GameHistoryOrg on Twitter Remember to subscribe, comment, and give us a rating on iTunes and now on Stitcher! It helps us grow! Also, like the Facebook page, catch the Weekly Cooldown on Patreon, and follow me on Twitter @Kamijacegaming

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